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 Our Product

Our flagship product is Bugman’s Best cricket bar which is baked with love from carefully picked natural ingredients such as honey from local beekeeper and finnish oats. In addition our snack bars also contain cranberries, almonds, peanut butter and cinnamon.

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Healthy, ecological and most of all delicious snack from homegrown house crickets.

Our snack bar fits perfectly into your snack time needs whether you are busy office worker/ student or hiking in the nature because of its small size and high energy density. You can buy our snack bar from our retailers, as a package from our web store or as a standing order.



House cricket (Acheta Domesticus) is about 2,5cm long cricket species which is distinctive from your everyday grasshopper from its more stocky and flat body and yellowish brown colouring. House cricket is originally from North Africa and in Finland it mostly prospers in greenhouses and growing containers.


House cricket is a real superfood of the future because of its sustainability and health benefits. Farming house crickets require less space, time, water and feed than any other form of poultry. The benefits of using cricket don't end there. By eating house crickets you get...


- More protein than in any other animal's meat

- All 9 essential amino acids human body needs

- More iron than in spinach

- More calsium than in milk

- Dietary fiber necessary for the body

- Good fatty acids like Omega-3


Our story

 Bugman’s Best LLC is a company run by three finnish high schoolers whose goal is to offer a better alternative to the current food industry: house crickets.

Our story began when we started growing house crickets as a part of a school project. We continued by working the idea of insect food in a entrepreneurial course by Junior Achievement Finland. We learnt the cari of crickets in daily checks at the container meanwhile we planned our businesses actions and acquired connections to possible mentors and partners.

Our team consists of our CEO and Chief of Economical Affairs Toivo Hursti, Graphics Designer and Chief of Marketing Matias Järvinen and the Development Director Aaron Uussaari. We used to grow our house crickets in a breeding container next to WeeGee Emma but in the summer of 2018 we built our own, state of the art cricket farming facility in Karhusuo, Espoo. You can follow our progress from our Instagram account (@bugmansbest).

Handling crickets inlcudes changing water dishes, refilling a water tank of a humidifier, refilling food dishes, placing egg-collecting boxes and collecting the eggs, emptying the collecting boxes and harvesting the crickets. After the harvest the crickets are put to bags and in a freezer where they pass away painlessly. The crickets are taken from the freezer after one night and given to our product development chief Aaron Uussaari. The crickets are first boiled and fried. After that the crickets are mixed with other ingredients and the whole set is baked in an oven.


We have won many prizes with our company such as the business category of the international high schooler competition Genius Olympiad and third place in the Company of the Year- competition by Junior Achievement Europe.

After quickly finding our business profitable we decided to transition from JA- Corporation to a real Corporation. We have been working as LLC (Oy) since the February of 2018.

The team

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Matias Järvinen

Chief of marketing



Toivo Hursti


Aaron Uussaari

Chief of product development

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Karhunkäpälä 5, 02810
Espoo, Finland
045 1232 771 (CEO)


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